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GhaMIT offers training from the Beginner to Professional Level.

We provide a list of 3D software exclusively for beginners.

30% to 100% Scholarship for PWDs Guaranteed!

Our training include

Graphic Design
Web Design
CAD & CAM Skills in Paper, Wood, Leather Applications, R&D, Product Development.

  1. Collect Ideas, External Design work or data
  2. Create 2D & 3D* Designs in Vectric Software
  3. Generate Toolpaths and Simulate in 3D in Vectric Software
  4. Export Toolpaths ready for cutting in Vectric Software
  5. Transfer the Toolpaths to the CNC Control PC
  6. Load Toolpaths into the CNC Control Software
  7. Prepare the Machine with correct Tooling and Material to cut
  8. Run the CNC

Vectric has thousands of Free Projects that designers can use as the foundation for over a million Project ideas.

GhaMIT has well equipped ultra-modern lecture halls with advanced CNC Routers and Laser machines

We also Provide these Services to Businesses

Facility Rentals





Job Opportunities for Graduates

Software Installation
Software Applications
Laser & CNC; Machining
Automation Engineering Works,
Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

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