What is CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software?

In general, 3D design software falls into two categories. CAD software is usually used when creating industrial objects such as mechanical objects and also film animations and video games to make organic designs.

Here we focus on CAD software for mechanical objects with functions in industrial design, mechanical design, architecture,and areas such as aerospace engineering and astronautics.


GhaMIT offers tuition from the Beginner to Professional Level


We also have a list of 3D software exclusively for beginners HERE.


  • Craft Souvenirs in wood, paper, acrylic & metal     –
  • Furniture, Display Units in Plastic and Metal Works
  • Bamboo Craft                                                                                 
  • Stencils, Moulds and Tools for Leather Works & Shoe Making, Tie and Dye, Hand Made Chocolates, Soap Making, Fiber Glass Fabrication.
  • PDW Implements and accessories

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